The Care Team

Hospice Aides:

Hospice Aides provide personal care for patients and assist with activities of daily living. They work with the patient and family members at home or with the staff in skilled nursing nursing

Chaplains :

Fidelis Hospice Chaplains serve people of all faiths, providing pastoral and spiritual counseling, comfort, and support whenever requested They work with the patient and family members.

Bereavement Counselors:

Compassionate Bereavement Counselors support the family. loved ones, and caregivers with support groups, one-on-one counseling, and other special services during the bereavement process.

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Welcome To Fidelis Hospice

Fidelis Hospice also organizes Bereavement Support Groups. These groups offer support for those grieving the death of a loved one or friend. The groups are a community service and are open to anyone having experienced a recent loss through death. The group is led by a professional Counselor.

The group is a supportive and safe setting and helps individuals recognize the various aspects of grief and offers ways to cope and work toward the acceptance of the death being experienced.

Who is Hospice

Hospice is a group of professional caregivers and volunteers with a focus on pain and symptom management, emotional support...

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Why Hospice

Hospice provides the opportunity for you and your family to choose the type and the timing of the care you will r...

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What Is Hospice

Hospice is an entitlement benefit which YOU have earned. It is covered by Medicare,Medicaid and most insura...

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When Is It Time For Hospice

The time is NOW to be INFORMED about hospice so you are able to make educated decisions about ...

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  • “Our position with the individual and family is simple. I’m here for you. I will keep you company and make you as comfortable as possible as you start your journey.”

    - Sherry Martin, Vigil Volunteer

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