Caregiver In- Service Programs

Fidelis offers a broad range of in-service programs related to living with an advanced illness.Many of these programs are eligible for CEU’s and/or contact hours. The Fidelis Nurse Liaison will be happy to review each of these programs with you and your staff.

Getting Started

  • » Communication
  • » Advance Care Planning – Assisting Individuals and Families
  • » Spiritual Considerations in Advanced Illness
  • » Cultural Dimensions

Nursing Assistant-Specific Modules

  • » Role of Nursing Assistant in the Care of Individuals with an Advanced Illness
  • » Role of Nursing Assistant in Pain Management
  • » Behavior Management for Individuals with Dementia
  • » Cultural Dimensions/Culturally Specific Care
  • » The Nursing Assistant and Communication
  • » Spiritual Considerations in Advanced Illness
  • » To Care and Be Cared For –Working with Individuals Living
  • with an Advanced Illness
Care of Individuals with Dementia
  • » Living with Advancing Dementia
  • » Successful Communication with IndividualsWho Have Dementia
  • » Behavior Management for the Individual with Dementia

Symptom Management of Individuals Living with an Advanced Illness

  • » Pain Management
  • » Non-Drug Pain Management
  • » Symptom Management Parts 1 & 2

Special Issues

  • » Ethical Issues
  • » Morphine – Giving the Last Dose

End-of-Life Care

  • » Hospice Care and Clinical Eligibility
  • » Preparation For and Care atTime of Death
  • » Loss,Grief, and Bereavement
  • » Counseling and Bereavement
  • “Our position with the individual and family is simple. I’m here for you. I will keep you company and make you as comfortable as possible as you start your journey.”

    - Sherry Martin, Vigil Volunteer

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