How Do I Pay For Hospice Care?

Fidelis Hospice accepts all eligible individuals based on their needs, not their ability to pay. No eligible individual will ever be turned away for any reason. Payment for hospice care is available through Medicare, most Medicaid programs, HMO’s, and private insurance plans. In Massachusetts, all commercial insurers are required by law to provide a hospice benefit, which for all practical purposes mirrors the Medicare benefit.

The benefits pays for the services necessary to manage the individual's terminal illness including,but not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • » Medical supplies and equipment
  • » Nursing Care
  • » Physical,occupational and speech therapies
  • » Hospice Aide
  • » Medictions
  • » Social Worker
  • » Berevement Support
  • » Spiritual Care

Under the Medicare benefit, hospice is divided into three periods:

Period 1 -the first 90 days under care

Period 2 -the second 90 days under care

Period 3 -an indefinite number of subsequent 60-days periods under care

In addition to hospice services, you may continue to access your traditional Medicare, Medicaid, and/or commercial insurance benefits to help pay for care that is not related to the terminal illness. To be eligible for the hospice benefit, your Primary Care Physician and the Fidelis Hospice Medical Director must certify that you have less than six months to live if your illness or disease runs its normal course. The Hospice Medical Director must recertify this at the beginning of each benefit period.

  • “Our position with the individual and family is simple. I’m here for you. I will keep you company and make you as comfortable as possible as you start your journey.”

    - Sherry Martin, Vigil Volunteer

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